We are more than happy to board your pet while you are away. Our facilities are heated and air-conditioned to insure your pet's comfort. We have a separate boarding area for our feline campers to reduce any anxiety and large runs to allow plenty of room for our canine guests to move about during their stay. We feed only Hill's Science Diet because we feel this is the very best that can be provided during their stay at our facility. Special diets and/or meds are welcomed but will require an extra fee. You can bring bedding, toys and anything else that you feel will make your pet more comfortable, although we cannot guarantee their return or condition at discharge. For your pet's protection and the protection of others, we ask that you agree to certain policies prior to leaving your pet. Please ask for a tour of our boarding facilities so we may show you where your pet will securely and comfortably be taken care of while you are away.

  • Each pet must have current vaccinations. Please provide a record of vaccinations if they were given at another clinic. Any necessary immunizations will be given at the owner's expense.
  • Animals found to have internal or external parasites will be treated at the owner's expense
  • Any condition that becomes apparent during your pet's stay will be treated. Reasonable fees will be charged for drugs and services provided to correct the problem. We will make every attempt to contact you and inform of any problem or treatment necessary. We ask that you provide a reliable contact number to facilitate this communication.
  • Animals will be admitted or discharged only during regular office hours. Exceptions will require an after hours fee in addition to normal charges.
  • Our checkout time, to avoid an additional day of boarding charges, is 12:30 p.m.
  • We feed Science Diet to all boarders unless instructed otherwise.